About Us

Who Are We?

Kopuz Turizmcilik Taş. İnş. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. which is included in Kopuz Companies Group, feels joyful about living today the honor and pride of providing the transportation, car rental, shipment and distribution services to its customers with its fleet of over 400 vehicles and expreinced proffessional staff and high quality and safe service, as well as the service transportation in its consistent way full of success which it has started in 1996 in the field of “Personnel and Student Service Transportation”.

Kopuz Tur is TURKAK approved, ISO-9001:2000 and TSE certified, and complies with all standards and has high service quality as a leader firm in the sector.

The routin checks and maintenances of all of our vehicles are monitored regularly; and the measures are taken against the potantial risks. Our vehicle drivers serves to our customers as being trained on Psychotechnics, SRC and Advanced Driving Techniques trainings and having all necessary documents without any deficiency. Our vehicles traffic insurance policies, automobile insurances and personal accident insurance policies are issued within our company and continuesly followed. our current vehicle fleet is consisted of vehicles varying between cars for 4 persons and busses for 55 persons. all of our service passengers who we transport are under the Personal Accident Insurance assurance.

Rapid resolution to the questions and/or problems for customers’ requests and expectations is provided bu our specialized team performing market research. Kopuz Tur has adopted the principle of “protecting the customer rights in an objective and faithful manner”; and keeps this responsibility approach at the top of its duties.

The expectations of the companies from the suppliers which it already works or will work with in the sector are confidence, quality, qualification, to be able to provide prompt and easy solutions for the demands and to have the ability to assess the time well.

Kopuz Tur gives service to you – to its valued customers – with its experienced and proffessional staff having the ability of confidence, quality, qualifications, to provide prompt and easy solutions for the demands and to assess the time well.

Kopuz Tur who has taken “service respectful to life and human” as a principle, will continue its way with this service approach as long as it exists.

You are safe with Kopuz Tur…

Our Mission

Kopuz Tur has adopted to reach to the “Reliable Service” principle as a mission, which is always preferred with its road safety and reliability, renders services which shall provide to meet the customer demands in maximum levels.

Social Responsibility

Kopuz Tur carries out its social contributions for social responsibility under Kopuzlar Foundation.

Kopuzlar Foundation always serves for public interest through organizing the social solidarity and aid activities which are always among the priorities of our community and government at maximum benefit level, acting as a bridge in order to bring the material and moral resources of the country together with the ones in real need of them.

Aim of Kopuzlar Foundation

To serve for development and improvement of the country, in order to be able to contribute to social, cultural and economic development of our country, to be involved in all kinds of social, cultural and economic activities, to contribute to the protection of the environment, to provide material and moral aids to the disaster victims, needy and arduous ones, to give material and moral support to the selected talented and successful students for completing their educations.

Targets of Kopuzlar Foundation

Health Facilities
Hospital and Health Center

Educational Institution
Pre-School, Primary Education, High School, University and Foreign Language Courses

Sport Facilities
Sports Hall

Social Facilities
Mosque, Teacher’s Lodges and Old Age Asylums

Culture Facilities
Culture, Art, Congress and Fair Centers

Mal and Female Student Dormitories, Quran Course Dormitories