Transportation Services

Personnel Transportation with Kopuz Turizm

There has been increase in the need of transportation services of the students and employees particularly in the big cities n order to minimise the time loss in today’s increasing volume. Kopuz Turizm takes to perform the needed transportation services within optimum transit periods with both cost advantage and in a high quality and optimum manner as a mission.

Kopuz Turizm adopted fast, safe and prompt service approach with its current vehicle fleet and structures so as to be organized in that way.

Kopuz Turizm which gives public transportation services by adapting itself to developing and changing conditions of Turkey, collects its activities under 2 main categories: Personnel Transportation and Student Transportation.

Kopuz Turizm gives transportation services to the personnel and students of the companies operating in various sectors such as holdings, pre-schools, primary education schools, public and private high schools, universities, private teaching institutions, factories with work shift systems, senior public enterprises, marketing companies and production facilities with its 0-5 years aged vehicles.
You can contact with us to obtain more detailed information on Kopuz Turizm’s transportation services who keeps technology usage preeminently.

Kopuz Turizm experiences the honor and excitement of providing the high quality and safe service to its customers with its fleet appropriate for all segments and its professional staff in the consistent way full of success which it has taken out in personnel transportation field.

Gökhan KOPUZ

Gökhan KOPUZThe young entrepreneur which has gained a seat in transportation, construction, textile and food sectors; and entrepreneurial, modernist and aiming always success, verbalizing that in order to gain experience in life working is necessary absolutely.