Car Rental

Kopuz Turizm's Car Rental Services

Our aim is to ensure that you feel safety in the way which we have taken out through adopting the approach to serve to you – our valued customers – with our 21-years experince in the sector, our high quality service, and cutomer satisfaction-focused and favor team.
We are here for you to live a perfect car rental experience with our various models and brands, with the option of renting a car with or without a driver and/or to hire a VIP Midibus according to tour needs and requirements for your daily works or touristic travels with Kopuz Tur assurance.

Kopuz Tur is not only a car rental company, but also is a solution partner which can produce professional solutions for all kinds of your transportation.

General Terms of Kopuz Turizm’s Car Rental

The information requested from you during the rental process is required only for use in the transactions of the car to be rented (The information is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with third parties).

Age of the Driver / Period of Driving License
According to insurance conditions; for the rental of an economic car minimum 21 years age limit, for medium and high class vehicles minimum 25 years age limit and having the driver licence for 2 years, for luxury and big vehicles minimum 28 years age limit and having the driver licence for 3 years are required.

Period of Car Rental
The car rental period is minimum 1 day (24 hours) and maximum 1 month (30 days). (The rentals for a period less then 24 hours are considered as 1 day (24 hours)).

Our vehicles are delivered as the fuel tank is full at the time of rental. The leaser is expected to return the fuel tank full (Fuel charge difference and service fee are requested for the vehicles returned with missing fuel).

Comprehensive Coverage / Insurance
All of our vehicles for rent have comprehensive coverage; and it is guaranteed that our customers are insured. (The insurance is not valid in case not complying with the legal speed limit, using alcohol and drugs, someone other than the ones whose names are written on the contract uses the vehicle, excessing the load limit, and using out of highways). In order the insurance to be valid; it is necessary that the traffic and alcohol reports of the damages occured due to the causes except the ones mentioned above to be issued at the time of the accident and to notify us within 48 hours and deliver them in full (Otherwise the validity of the insurance is removed).

Traffic Ticket
All kinds of responsibilities and penalties arising from not complyimg with the traffic rules belong to the driver. (In case the vehicle is kept by official and / or locak authorities for any reason, this time shall be deemed within the rental contract period). The traffic penalty which occured within the rental period and belongs to the driver shall be collected through the credit card that was submitted during rental transactions).

Delivery and Return
It is necessary to sign the vehicle delivery and receipt forms mutually, to take the vehicle from the address determined by Kopuz Tur and deliver the vehicle to the same address. (In case the vehicles are returned early, there shall not be a payment return, and in case of late return additional fee shall be requested).

Automatic Pass Fee
OGS/HGS automatic pass system is available on all of our vehicles. (In case the OGS/HGS is used, the used amount + a service fee of 10 TL is collected from the driver at the time of return. If the system is not used, then no fees are requested)