Insurance Services

Kopuz Turizm's Insurance Services

Kopuz Tur Insurance Service Policies which secures all things that you value and give importance in the best way with reliable, rapid, accurate asseesments and determinations, gives service with a comprehensive and specialized experienced staff according to the incident and situation.

It is time to take the key of your assurance. Kopuz Tur Insurance Service Policies gives the key of your assurance in your hands.

You can continue your life today without taking any risks, relievedly and safely with Kopuz Tur Insurance Service Policies. Your loved ones, future, health, home, work place, properties and cars are now safe within the scope of Kopuz Tur Insurance Services!

Advantages of Kopuz Tur’s Insurance Service Policies

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance covers the physical damages which an individual can experience as a result of all kinds of sudden and external events. Death, permanent disability, treatment costs and daily compensations which can be occured as a result of an accident are provided on one policy.

Assure yourself and even your family against unexpectable accidents which you can experience, with Kopuz Tur Personal Accident Insurance Policy!

Liability Insurances

Liability Insurance covers all kinds of material and/or moral damages to your employees’ and/or individuals’ surrounding lives and/or properties unexpectedly even aware of his/her responsibilities and has taken all kinds of precautions. Legally based on the “payment obligation of the damages we cause for the others due to our omission, negligence, imprudence and acts” and issued according to the insured person’s expectations and needs and the damages which may be occured against these situations are provided on one policy.

Assure yourself and your surrounding against all kinds of events which would be occured because of omission and imprudence with Kopuz Tur Liability Insurance Policiy!

Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers the health expenses which might emerge as a consequence of sudden accidents and/or diseases. Besides inpatient treatment services, the general and specific terms such as immediate aid, outpatient treatments, childbirth, newborn are provided on one policy within the limits specified.

Assure your health and your family’s health with Kopuz Tur Health Insurance Policy!

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage covers the damages when your car is on the move or parked, the damages which can occur due to fire, flood, theft and accident. On the contrary of the Compulsory Traffic Insurances, it assures own vehicle of the insured. Risks which may occur as a result of accidents for any reason, theft and natural disasters are provided on one policy.

Live the joy of driving your car and assure yourself and your car with Kopuz Tur Comprehensive Coverage!

Property Insurance

Property Insurance covers the damages on your home and your properties in it which can occur against theft, fire, earthquake, flood. Risks varying from natural disasters to theft which both the owners of the houses and the tenants can easily utilise are provided with one policy.

With Kopuz Tur Property Insurance live peace in mind without thinking back your home and properties, assure your living space which you are together with your loved ones!

Workplace Insurance

Workplace Insurance covers the damages which can occur against fire, flood, vehicle crash, theft, breaking windows and much more risks that can occur in your work place. The possible risks which can occur at your work place are provided on one policy through issuing according to the needs and requests of the work place owner.