Student Transportation

Kopuz Turizm's Student Transportation Services

Our Kopuz Tur student transportation service; continues its services with “safe and comfortable transportation and being punctual” policy , being preferred by pre-school, primary, high school, university, trainin institutions and other education institutions and achieving to be a reliable brand without sacrifising from “safety and comfort” principles.

Our firm, which specialized in the field of student transportation, acts with the approach of giving service without disturbing the comfort, safety, inner peace during journey to school and to home of our children who are the most precious wealth of us.

Our service vehicles have all equipment determined by the Ministry of National Education with “Service Regulation on School Service Vehicles”. Kopuz Tur acts with the approach that student transportation requires a special responsibility. It works with a specialized staff who completed the necessary trainings on student transportation, favor and fulfilling all the safety rules directly, utilizing from all opportunities of the technology with regard of improving the safety and comfort of our students through putting ahead the safety of our children who are our futures.

The subject of “the importance of the traffic awareness acquired in childhoold ages” of the children using student services, in the researches performed by professional pedagıgues, has a special importance for us as Kopuz Tur.

Our priority is to transport our students between school and home in a safety way with our vehichles which are always comfortable and well-kept.

Considered Points in Kopuz Tur Student Transportation

  • Our students are taken from the addresses which his/her parent has specified during enrollment and returned to the same addresses after school. (The Student should be ready at the point which he/she get into the service on the service time. In case the student is not present at the location on the service departure time, the vehicle waits for him/her for 1 minute, in case the student does not come during this period, the vehicle leaves).
  • Nobody is taken into our service vehicles except students and teachers.
  • Any information on service arrival is given to the parents by service driver and/or guidance staff. (It is the responsibility of the parents that the student to be ready at the location before 5 mn. Of the service departure time and to be ready at the location on the assumed time is the driver’s responsibility).
  • In case the parents take their children to school and/or to home, the parents give information to the service driver in advance.
  • If the student shall be delivered to another address on the same route, the parents informs the service driver in advance , and if to another address on another route then school transportation executive is informed.
  • There is a transportation manager at school on behalf of Kopuz Tur’s student transportation, all organizations are performed by the transportation manager depending to the general manager. (Our transportation managers follow all kinds of transportation matters related with the transportation such as road, weather conditions, and informs the related service drivers on the subjects).
  • In case of failures on our vehicles, Kopuz Tur activates our auxiliary vehicles and the transportation of our students is performed without delays.