Tourism Transportation

Kopuz Tur's Tourism Transportation Services

Kopuz Tur, which is a A class travel agency, gives service with an approach of sincere and consistent coming from the inside of the life, sharing the human-specific values along with the approach of obtaining the optimum results of price and quality couple, and being cutomer satisfaction-oriented, through being aware of the importance of the time perception of today.

To prepare and carry out the whole program from A to Z in comprehensive organizations such as congress, seminars & dealers meetings, conferences is an experinece and knowledge work.

A a travel agency, Kopuz Tur provides the services needed by the companies in this regard from one source with its experience and knowledge and provides saves on unnecessary work load and time to be experienced.

Duties of the Kopuz Turizm’s travel agency and advantages provided

  • To provide coordination possibility in organizations;
  • To provide possibility of working with professionals who shall solve all kinds of problems which may arise during travel and/or before travel.
  • To provide easy access to the related information and promotions which are difficult to access and to accelerate the related information flow.

The range of services developing and increasing in accordance with the needs of travel and tourism sectors with Kopuz Tur Travel Agency are listed under the below groups:

Air Ticket & Airport & Hotel Services

Kopuz Tur;

  • To ensure your flight tickets are obtained appropriate for the required date, upon your request on your domestic and/or abroad travels.
  • It performs the airport transfers of congress, seminars, dealer meetings and/or individual persons or groups with automobile, minibus, bus and/or VIP vehicle options depending on your preferences and wishes. (Our local and/or foreign guests are taken from the airport and brought to the addresses they wish or our guests are taken from the specified addresses and transferred to the airport).
  • It provides opportunity to have a comfortable and smooth vacation with appropriate hotel alternatives according to your wishes and requests.

Tours (Winter Tours, Honeymoon Tours, Cultural Tours, Holiday Tours, Ship Tours, Feast Tours, Nature Tours, Foreign Tours)

Kopuz Tur provides a comfortable journey with wide range and modern vehicle fleet and relibale, experienced drivers and professional staff for all kinds of your journeys according to your wishes and requests

  • It organizes tours for your local and abroad special tours intended for individuals, institutions and/or organizations, cultural tours and nature tours which you shall arrange in order to explore the beauty of Anatolia’s history and culture, summer & winter vacation, feasts, ship tours which you shall have with your family and/or your friends, abroad tours intended for exploring the different cultures of different countries and the honeymoon tours which are the most special vacation of the couples.
  • It provides vehicles for your weekend and/or day-trips which you arrange within the framework of the programs you have prepared especially.

Your right address to feel special with favor and customer satisfaction-oriented professional drivers during these travels and to go on a comfortable and safe journey with modern vehicle fleet is Kopuz Tur.

Car Rental Services

Kopuz Tur gives car rental services with or without drivers with modern and equipped vehicle fleet according to all kinds of needs and requests of you.

Congress, fair, Exhibition & Seminar Organizations

Kopuz Tur provides transfers of your guests for your congress, fair, exhibition and seminar organizations by taking them from the arrival points and bringing them to the organization locations and after organizations by bringing them to the locations they wish in a safe and comfortable manner with modern and equipped vehicle fleet on the right time.