Personnel Transportation

Kopuz Turizm's Personnel Transportation Services

Kopuz Tur know the value and importance of your time!

Kopuz Tur gives the personnel transportation service for transporting in a high standard, safely and comfortable manner and prevent the work loss which may be caused by the transportation, with its favor and professional staff, providing all standards necessary for the comfort, calm and confidence of the customers’ personnel, adopting the principle that the personnel should be at work on time, planning all kinds of possibilities with all details.

The rapid development of information technology in parallel with the increasing industry needs in 20th century has led to an increase in the need of workforce of the firms and companies. Personnel transportation services emerged as an ideal solution for the firms and companies due to the increase in the workforce, modernization and diversification of the transportation vehicles.

It is seen that the personnel transportation is increased İn Turkey, particularly in big cities. Today İstanbul which we referred as a metropolis, is at the top of the list in relation with that increase. In the big cities which the time management is an important problem, particularly with regard to transportation, because the traffic issues that the employee may experience, are not avoidable due to the increase in the vehicle number in relation with thecrowded population in the cities, therefore it has negative impacts on working hours and causes loss of production and work of the personnel and as a result of this can cause serious material losses for firms. The firms and companies which want to eliminate the material losses to be experienced and control the time management, minimized this issue by taking personnel transportation services.

This service which is taken by the firms, provides satisfaction for both parties with regards to eliminating the worry to reach to work and/or home on time, the problems of departing early and/or reaching home after long hours due to the crowds and insufficient rounds and the stress to be experienced by the personnel in relation with them in case the personnel travels with the public transportation system.

Kopuz Tur which gives safe and high quality transportation service to the employees of the firms, is growing and developing through keeping the quality standards high in transportation for being able to provide the customers’ personnel to work efficiently away from the worry to arrive at work / at home on time and the stress which he/she can experience due to the transportation.

Advantages of Kopuz Tur’s Personnel Transportation

By the Virtue Of Personnel Transportation;

  • The right route which is an important factor of the transportation, is determined bu our experienced specialized staff who knows the in-city rod well. It is ensured that the personnel is at work place on time and in a safe and comfortable manner.
  • It is prevented that the personnel come to the work as hurried and tired and late due to the transportation stress caused by the negative conditions which may be experienced in in-city traffic and it ensured that the variations of arriving to work are decreased.
  • During the time spent in the service, it is ensured that the personnel socialise with each other and recognize each other.
  • The opportunity to assess the time spent suring the comfortable and safe travel in a right way is given to the personnel.