Foreign Investment Consultancy

Kopuz Turizm's Foreign Investment Consultancy Services

Kopuz Tur Investment Consultancy provides investment services for international investment funds, financial institutions and development companies’ needs with their professional team experienced and in professional high education and foreign investments in scope of most valuable assets, EB5 projects, land and housing investments for companies and individuals international partners.

It provides to generate a special investment portfolio for our customers as a consequence of the comprehensive report which is prepared along with the comparative analysis of the necessary data, the governmental incentives and facilities provided in relation with the mentioned investment area, examination of the current investment opportunities prepared taking the customer’s initiatives and/or preferences and according to the customer investment portfolio distribution, in order to the local investors, developers, land and/or property owners to be able to realize profitable and correct investents depending on the risk factors, income expectations, liquidity and tax conditions with our Investment Consultants.

Kopuz Tur’s Foreign Investment Consultancy provides to its customers an opportunity to make always profitable investments.