Logistics and Distribution

Kopuz Turizm's Logistics and Distribution Services

Kopuz Tur gives a high quality and reliable service with specialized staff, required plants, equipment and hardwares on meeting the needs such as packaging, labeling, shipment & distribution which are within all product and/or service costs using scientific and technologic methods, following the work flow processes of its customers in the field of logistics distribution.

As of our position that we have reached to the Logistics Distribution network as Kopuz Tur, we are proud of giving modern logistics service which produces integrated solutions and provides competition opportunity to our customers in their own markets.

Advantages of Kopuz Tur’s Logistics and Distribution Services

Our Logistics Distribution network contains all activities related with the delivery of the production goods of our customers to the consumers in most rapid and correct manner and the necessary transactions until the delivery to the end users.

Our Logistics activities are consisting of packaging, labelling shipment & distribution fields.


Standard labelling is performed which might be used all over the world according to the customer’s and product’s needs considering the package contents and product details. (In case the customer has special requests, all kinds of changes can be made on the information to be written on theproduct labels).


Packaging is prepared according to the market needs. (The changes on weight, length and type can be made pursuant to the customer’s special requests and needs).

Shipment & Distribution

The shipment and distribution is carried out in a careful and attentive manner in order to ensure the sound transportation from the producer to the consumer according to the product content and packaging.